By: TheSeniorList.com

As Baby Boomers hit their retirement years, the landscape of senior care will inevitably change. Looking at the upcoming months of 2016, here are some anticipated assisted living trends.

9) Assisted living communities will improve personal living spaces.

With an eye on attracting a new generation of older adults, many assisted living communities will be adding amenities that resonate with Boomers.  Things like walk-in closets, spacious bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchenettes will provide a comfortable setting more like the homes they are used to living in.

While still ensuring a sense of individual privacy, such communities will also feature landscaped gardens and beautiful architecture to appeal to the eye and heart of residents.

8) The need for qualified healthcare professionals will continue to rise.

As the older adult population rises, the need for healthcare professionals will rise as well. Considered one of the largest growth industries in the country, the healthcare field is still experiencing a shortage that is likely to continue well beyond 2016.

7) Assisted living communities will offer more person-centric perks.

Gone are the days of the so-called “old folks” nursing homes where residents lived out their days passively with little social interaction.

A new era of person-centered care is guiding the design and function of assisted living communities today. As the older adult population continues to grow, 2016 will see more assisted living communities designed to appeal to niche groups of seniors with similar cultures and tastes.

With a greater emphasis on meaningful socialization, assisted living communities are offering a full menu of enjoyable activities such as yoga, tai chi, exercise classes, game nights, barbecues, book clubs, and organized group outings to theaters, museums, and restaurants.

6) Assisted living will go green.

As cost concerns continue to affect the assisted living industry, the economic advantages of going green will entice a growing number of assisted living communities to embrace eco-friendly measures. To be considered eco-friendly, more assisted living communities facilities will:

  • meet the EPA’s Energy Star standards
  • take measures to improve indoor air quality
  • institute water conservation measures
  • improve weatherization of buildings
  • utilize renewable energy sources like solar power

Those assisted living communities that adopt green methods will likely see an increase in resident populations as more eco-conscious Boomers reach retirement age.


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