Senior Housing in Rocky Point


Pictured are: Lic. Guillermo Artigas, Atty. Fernando Tejada, Lic. Javier Govi & Bill Barvitski

By Alicia Grajeda | Rocky Point Times Newspaper

With 5,000 people retiring every day in the US, and over 1,000 in Canada, one would wonder, where will they all go as they age?

Knowing this, Bill Barvitski started traveling in Mexico over the past few years to places like San Miguel de Allende, Lake Chapala and Merida etc. looking for what he feels is the ideal location for a retirement community. Remember the word, LOCATION, and how important this is. Bill Barvitski discovered that, without any reasonable doubt, Puerto Peñasco is the ideal location for a Senior Living facility. Peñasco has great weather, perfect beaches, a great town with welcoming people, great local Government, and located within easy driving distance to major US cities, allowing relatives, family and friends to visit Mom & Dad. Now we just have to make it affordable.

Recent Bill Barvitski met in AMAR Talks event in San Diego, CA. with Mr. Javier GOVI, President of AMAR, «The Mexico Retirement Communities Association» to discuss and confirm the feasibility of a Senior Living project located in the Puerto Peñasco area. They agreed that Puerto Peñasco is blessed to be located with such assets that it would be a great location. Now, in order to complete this affordable senior housing project, many obstacles need to be met. Like other commercial real estate project types, Senior Housing is attractive, and when Affordable Senior Housing is added, it becomes very hot. «The market fundamentals are set to continue to improve. Now we just need to continue to assemble our team». says Bill Barvitski.

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