The revolution of the real estate sector in Latin America

The revolution of the real estate sector in Latin America

By: Gustavo Huerta and Alan Cano

The real estate sector is one of the most important in economic activity but one of the last to enter digitization processes compared to other equally relevant industries in Mexico and Latin America.

Faced with this lag, the great opportunity arises to revolutionize and innovate a sector that has different challenges, resulting in the generation of a true disruption throughout the sector and totally necessary in the face of the digital transformation that we are experiencing.

In the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 2018 View Accelerator was born as the first accelerator and investment fund in Latin America, having results that are exceeding expectations and being focused on promoting and investing PropTech companies (any company that uses technology to improve any service within the Real Estate sector) of recent creation.

The fund is originated as a whole by two relevant corporations and with a strong position in the sector at the national level: Tierra y Armonía and Grupo Guía, hand in hand with Bluebox, the largest Corporate Venturing firm in Latin America. The main differentiator is that the essential criterion to be able to invest is the strategic value for both parties, achieving a very clear benefit in the portfolio startups being relevant to their growth, for the corporations that invest having the possibility of interacting with different companies, streamlining their processes and / or services, and also towards investors with a reduction in risk due to prior validation by experts.

In just over two years, 500 startups have been identified globally, generating a process in which in the end only nine of these companies were invested and becoming a benchmark fund in Latin America.

Some success stories of startups invested and based in Mexico are Homie and, having accelerated growth and becoming benchmarks in the sector; Also, when investing in startups abroad, the bet is to be a key partner for their arrival in Mexico, as was the case with Comunidad Feliz, a Chilean startup that manages more than 4,000 condominiums between Chile and recently Mexico.

The second fund, now worth $ 5 million, will have the same methodology but will now be invested for four years in the 20 best PropTech companies that have an expansion interest in Mexico.

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