New Study Examines Travel Habits of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials

By: Travel Pulse

Luxury travel network Virtuoso released a new study that found the differences and similarities between Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials.

Virtuoso’s exploration of three worldwide generational groupings of travel advisors, preferred travel providers and the company’s staff determined how each generation approaches travel, work and life.

First shared during Virtuoso’s 2022 Symposium general session last month in Lisbon, Portugal, the findings suggest Baby Boomers traveled like no generation before and value the “leave only footprints” style of travel almost as much as they do the professional guidance and firsthand experience of a travel advisor.

Baby Boomers also prefer small, private groups for travel (like multigenerational trips), river cruising and dream vacations they’ve been missing out on due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions or health concerns.

The study suggests that Generation X prioritizes a work-life balance but travels less than other generations due to hectic schedules. While they travel less, they outspend their counterparts when they take vacations. Generation X tends to allow their children to inform their travel decisions, want smart luxury, are willing to pay for service and prefer authenticity.

As for Millennials, data suggests a common thread among employees is the desire to connect and engage in work that is meaningful and in alignment with who they are, and this desire for purpose is also a key driver for them as travelers.

Travel allows Millennials to explore other cultures and takes priority for both their leisure time and discretionary income. Social media may inspire millennial travel, but sustainability is a guidepost for their decisions.

Earlier this year, Virtuoso’s network added 36 new travel agency members with 125 office locations over the last year, bringing the total to more than 1,200 member locations in over 50 countries.

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