IMSS Pension: These are the 4 most common ways to LOSE or DECREASE what you charge

By:  Daniela Jerez

The new generations of Mexicans face the difficulty of obtaining the right to a pension, and it is that these days, to obtain it, we must meet more demanding requirements, so those of us who aspire to a decent and prosperous retirement have to try harder than ever.

Fortunately, for generations older than us, many of the retirees and pensioners can live optimally thanks to the fruit of how much they worked for years.

However, all those who benefit from a pension from the Social Security Institute (IMSS) must know that they can LOSE or REDUCE this economic benefit for any of the four reasons that we will present to you below in Heraldo Binario, and that are detailed in the Law of Social Security.

Before mentioning the 4 most common ways in which you can lose or reduce your pension, remember that the IMSS has several types of pensions; that of retirement for adults over 60 years of age, that of incapacity or invalidity, and that which is paid to relatives who depended on the pensioner who died.

Here are the four most common ways you can lose some or all of your pension:

Unemployment Retirement
Did you know that it is possible to withdraw money from your Afore account for different reasons, such as unemployment and marriage? The partial withdrawal for unemployment is a right that IMSS beneficiaries have to access a percentage of the savings they have, through the withdrawal of their individual Afore account.

Thus, people who have contributed to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) or the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) can make use of this right.

However, take into account that so that your pension payments do not decrease, you must return to the Afore that money that you requested as a loan to be able to collect the pension that you are wanting and not less.

Social Security Number Duplication
One of the most common problems faced by the insured is that some of their data is not updated in the institutional databases or that more than two people have the same social security number, which generates duplication in the system. For this, the IMSS has the correction procedure.

If you are in this situation, you must correct the problem as soon as possible so that your pension is not deposited to the other person who has the same social security number.

by homonymy
That is when another person has your same social security number, so if you do not correct it, the person who has that same information could be collecting your pension or your economic benefits.

Because your employer is not quoting you correctly
Some people have them discharged for a period of two months and then they are discharged. If you worked and they did not give you social security, you have the right to go to social security and be paid for those weeks you worked, otherwise, that could affect the payment of your pension.

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