Why could I lose my right to the IMSS pension? These are 5 reasons

By: Alto Nivel

A life plan for several people is to achieve a pension to retire. However, there are certain scenarios that can undermine your purpose, which could make you unable to collect your pension from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). Here are some reasons why you could lose your right.

Why could they take away your IMSS pension?
Being a worker who is listed with the IMSS, you will surely look for a good pension to enjoy your retirement. However, there are certain reasons where the social security institute can deny you the right to your pension:

  1. You do not comply with the quoted weeks
    This is a very common reason among workers who will soon be 60 years old, and should have at least 775 weeks of contributions requested by the IMSS in 2022. So if you contributed less than the equivalent of 14.8 years, you will have to wait longer. Do not forget that each year they increase 25 weeks to reach the limit of 1,000 contribution weeks in 2031, or 19.2 years of formal work.
  2. Without validity in your rights
    Not being valid in your rights is another common reason that occurs when you stop contributing to the IMSS. In this situation, a grace period equivalent to a quarter of the weeks quoted is granted. This means that if you contributed for 1,000 weeks, you have up to 250 weeks to claim your pension. The larger the number of weeks, the longer you retain your rights, and vice versa, the fewer weeks, the less time you retain your rights.

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  1. Dying while active without minimum weeks
    You can also lose the right to request the pension if the worker dies before completing 150 weeks of contributions, which will directly harm his partner, because the widow’s pension is cancelled. Unless it is death due to work risk, then a minimum of weeks is not needed.
  2. Work again without notice to IMSS
    It is not impossible to return to work and be on a pension, you must comply with regulations so as not to risk your pension, such as waiting six months after your pension to work again, earning less than 50% of your last salary, not occupying the same job position .
  3. Not achieving the minimum for disability pension
    If the worker suffers disability that is not generated by his work activity, he must comply with at least 250 weeks of contributions at the date of the medical opinion, but this may depend on the worker’s conditions. In this case, it is preferable to have contributed for at least 4.8 years.

Thus, situations are avoided that could cause you to lose your right to an IMSS pension and take into account other alternatives to complement your retirement, such as personal retirement plans.

Origianl Article: https://www.altonivel.com.mx/finanzas-personales/por-que-podria-perder-mi-derecho-a-la-pension-del-imss-estos-son-5-motivos/

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