How Health Insurance for Senior Citizens Secures Their Retirement

How Health Insurance for Senior Citizens Secures Their Retirement
By The Financial

Life’s golden years bring along a relaxed vibe with the liberty to relive one’s passion. Yet, many senior citizens end up draining their life savings at the hospitals due to old age-related ailments. That’s why health insurance for senior citizensis essential to lead stress-free and financially secure retirement days. It’s their shield against medical inflation and ensures guaranteed access to the best hospitals and treatment options that could cost you a fortune in old age.

If you, too, are looking for mediclaim policies for your elderly parents aged 60 and above, then there are a few points that you must consider before buying one.

Cashless access across a good network of hospitals is crucial for getting the best medical care possible during illness. Always opt for a policy that comes with a stellar network of hospitals where one can get cashless treatment hassle-free. Most importantly, compare the health plans for the co-payment clause. Ideally, it shouldn’t be more than 20% of your hospital bills, while the insurance provider takes care of the rest.

Coverage for Day Care Procedures

Thanks to advanced medical treatments, now senior citizens can complete minor day-care surgeries and procedures within 24 hours. The more day-care procedures covered, the better. So, go for a policy that covers you for critical day-care surgeries and puts the minimum number of caps on accessible treatment and their costs.

Coverage for Domiciliary Hospitalization

Senior citizens are more vulnerable to illnesses. At times, they may need special medical attention at home to ensure better treatment and speedy recovery. That’s why you must check for the coverage of domiciliary hospitalization. Not all senior citizen health insurance comes with this benefit, so do check with your insurer for this benefits. Coverage for at-home treatment ensures that your loved ones can get access to the best treatment without having to shift to a hospital when times are unfavorable.

Access to Second Opinion and Annual Health checkup

Access to a second opinion can be a lifesaver in the case of certain diseases. You must check the policy document if such a benefit is part of the coverage. Moreover, annual health checkups are important to keep diseases at bay while tracking your health conditions religiously. You can prevent many diseases and illnesses if they are detected on time and can be managed by making lifestyle changes and taking early medication. Therefore, getting a free annual health checkup once every policy year is vital, especially during old age when one is vulnerable to falling ill due to lower immunity.

Coverage for Covid-19

With the constant risk of COVID-19 infection – especially among elders – it is essential to ensure adequate coverage for COVID-19 treatment. Older people may require extensive hospitalization and care to recover, especially if a person has a compromised immunity and comorbidities.

Not all Mediclaim policies for senior citizens are the same; therefore, it’s important to keep these points in mind when choosing your ideal health insurance coverage. If you are looking for one of the most comprehensive senior citizen health insurance policy, Care Insurance is an ideal pick. The specialized insurer offers superior benefits over other insurance service providers with cashless access across a network of 19000+ hospitals and an industry-leading claims settlement ratio of 95.2%. Moreover, all of the benefits we discussed so far are covered under their policy, giving you complete health and financial security.

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