Vital tips to help senior citizens stay in top shape, make their life better

By Zarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Those elderly loved ones at your home have worked hard for numerous years and you’d expect them to be able to enjoy the rest of their life with comfort and ease but a large number of senior citizens tend to fall prey to various diseases and ailments and their quality of life gets compromised. Good quality of life is needed for senior citizens who are dealing with serious health issues.

Feeling good and fulfilled is essential for overall well-being for senior citizens, along with getting regular check-ups from the expert. Thus, having an optimistic approach can help one with energy, the ability to cope-up with stress, better appetite and prevent cognitive decline.

Do you have any elderly people in your family? Want to know how to help them to live a carefree life and help them stay healthy and active throughout life? In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Roy Patankar, Director of Zen Multispecialty, shared how to improve the lives of senior citizens and revealed a few measures that one can take to help senior citizens stay in top shape –

• Help them to manage depression: There are many stressful events that can invite depression and anxiety. One can have a financial crisis, lose a spouse or suffer from a medical condition that wreaks havoc in one’s life. It is essential to know the signs of depression and seek timely medical attention.

• Treat them with tender love, affection and care: Make them feel valued, cared and wanted. Don’t treat them as if they are a burden on you. Appreciate and thank them from time to time. Take their help in household decisions, laundry, organizing drawers and managing groceries.

• Encourage them to stay physically active: Exercising on a daily basis can have positive effects on one’s mind and body. It can boost immunity, manage blood pressure and blood sugar levels and enhance sleep quality. Thus, one will be able to keep the heart healthy, build good strength and stamina and deal with anxiety and depression.

• Pay attention to their mental health: Try to play puzzles, brain games and sudoku with them, spend some time with them to strengthen the bond and do some activities with them to make them feel happy.

• Help them stay connected with family and friends: Those elderly people who are lonely tend to have shorter lives and are at greater risk for dementia. Encourage them to meet friends, party, get involved in a hobby and take them out on a daily basis

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