Easy Financial Health Fixes Before Retirement

By: Andrew Rosen What does your doctor have to do with your financial health? While your blood pressure may not impact your investments, there is a correlation between handling your financial health just as you handle your physical health. Just as putting off checkups and routine healthcare screenings can leave you with fewer treatment options... Leer más →

Top 12 Countries To Retire Abroad 2022

By: Laura Ray PLAYA QUIZALES, COSTA RICA (PHOTO CREDIT: NURIAJUDIT / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM) Thinking about retiring abroad? International Living has been a proponent of living better, for less, overseas for decades. Its 31st Annual Global Retirement Index factors housing, benefits, visas/residence, fitting in, development, climate, healthcare, cost of living, and more to determine the best places to retire... Leer más →

Age in Place with Assisted Living

By Vista Springs  There’s no feeling like coming home after a long day. As seniors age, it becomes important to them that they have a home in which they can feel safe, relaxed, and secure. However, this can become a major sticking point that makes seniors unwilling to move to care communities like assisted living. Many seniors... Leer más →

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