Puerto Vallarta #2 on 2022 List of World’s Best Places to Retire

By: BanderasNews Live and Invest Overseas, a resource for people who want to live, retire, and invest overseas, recently released its annual index of the 15 best places in the world to retire in 2022, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico came in at No. 2! The index concentrates on 15 locales across 15 countries and provides... Leer más →

Top 12 Countries To Retire Abroad 2022

By: Laura Ray PLAYA QUIZALES, COSTA RICA (PHOTO CREDIT: NURIAJUDIT / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM) Thinking about retiring abroad? International Living has been a proponent of living better, for less, overseas for decades. Its 31st Annual Global Retirement Index factors housing, benefits, visas/residence, fitting in, development, climate, healthcare, cost of living, and more to determine the best places to retire... Leer más →

Is Retirement in Your Future?

By: Billy and Akaisha Kaderli The perfect time for retirement doesn't exist. This is what we have learned in our almost three decades of financial independence. Things change, and sometimes radically. There simply are no guarantees. From our point of view, a full and rich retirement is still possible for many people right now. Sometimes it... Leer más →

Sector turístico mexicano diseña estrategia para combatir crisis por COVID-19

Por: TelemetroSector turístico mexicano diseña estrategia para combatir crisis por COVID-19.  El sector turístico mexicano diseñó una estrategia digital dirigida a los mercados nacional e internacional para enfrentar la crisis provocada por la pandemia del COVID-19, informó la Secretaría de Turismo (Sectur). La campaña estará compuesta de tres fases: inmediata, intermedia y de recuperación, cada... Leer más →

These are the top 10 countries to retire in this year, according to US expats who have already made the move

By: Taylor Borden | Business Insider In the US, unprecedented numbers of seniors are pushing past the once typical retirement age of 65 and working until about 72. Simultaneously, millennials are hustling to amass income-generating assets and living off rice and beans to retire early. While there's no one way to approach retirement, many are getting creative in stretching their money for... Leer más →

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