Easy Financial Health Fixes Before Retirement

By: Andrew Rosen What does your doctor have to do with your financial health? While your blood pressure may not impact your investments, there is a correlation between handling your financial health just as you handle your physical health. Just as putting off checkups and routine healthcare screenings can leave you with fewer treatment options... Leer más →

Baby boomers y generación X aumentan su confianza en el e-commerce: Linio

Por: Rubi Tapia Ramírez A raíz del confinamiento social y la nueva normalidad derivada del Covid-19, el e-commerce ha tenido diversos cambios y crecimientos.  Según Linio, los baby boomers y la generación X aumentaron su confianza, dando como resultado que estos tuvieran un crecimiento de hasta el 70% en los mercados virtuales en el 1T2021.  Asimismo, la plataforma de comercio en línea menciona... Leer más →

Age in Place with Assisted Living

By Vista Springs  There’s no feeling like coming home after a long day. As seniors age, it becomes important to them that they have a home in which they can feel safe, relaxed, and secure. However, this can become a major sticking point that makes seniors unwilling to move to care communities like assisted living. Many seniors... Leer más →

Golden Opportunities in Assisted Living

The Why and How of Entering the Burgeoning Senior Housing Market By Dennis Roth | America is aging fast. Currently almost 33 million people are over the age of 65. In 25 years, that number will double. For commercial real estate, these figures represent a continually growing market for retirement housing. Though overbuilding and a... Leer más →

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