New Study Examines Travel Habits of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials

By: Travel Pulse Luxury travel network Virtuoso released a new study that found the differences and similarities between Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. Virtuoso’s exploration of three worldwide generational groupings of travel advisors, preferred travel providers and the company’s staff determined how each generation approaches travel, work and life. First shared during Virtuoso’s 2022 Symposium general session last month... Leer más →

More Boomers Renting Meets Needs

By: Robert Fowler The business magazine Forbes, says more baby boomers are renting to be closer to their children who have jobs in the city and because they want more amenities and even concierge services. They continue that boomers want a unit maintained for them while they travel, they want their groceries delivered, they want... Leer más →

Making the most of your retirement

Information sheets By: France Voyage France has many advantages for retired people who want to see the country while enjoying each region at a gentle, peaceful pace. Pleasant climate, wonderful scenery, efficient public transport, fine cuisine, financial advantages, medical cover… there's no reason not to go! Here are a few things to take into consideration... Leer más →

25 Things to Do When You Retire

Try these retirement ideas to keep your second act exciting. By Phil Taylor, AFTER DECADES IN THE workforce, retirees finally get complete control over how they spend their time. There are many terrific things you can do with your time and energy in retirement. Here's what to do in retirement: Live within your means.Travel the world.Buy a... Leer más →

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